lunes, 5 de octubre de 2015

My last vacations!

On my last vacation I went to Jaime Duque Park with the family of my boyfriend. The Jaime Duque Park is located in Tocancipa, Cundinamarca.

We arrived first at the box office for our records. Then we decided that we would take the route to visit the whole park in a short time, also we would be only one day, first went for a boat ride into the lake later we took a train ride all around the park.

At lunch, we took a picnic and ate sandwiches of ham and cheese, then went for a walk around the zoo, there we saw a Jifara, a rhinoceros, two lions, five ostriches, many birds and many fish, also stayed within many museums,  one of these was of dinosaurs, insects and other was inside a boat. In addition we were in several amusement rides.

We spent a whole day of laughter and lots of games, we have fun to the fullest.

Excellent day.

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